The Team

Priest-in-Charge:     The Rev David Morgan

Licensed Minister:  The Rev Dr Maureen Capel-Edwards

Licensed Lay Minister:  Mr Norman Chapman

St Peter’s, Soberton

Church Warden: Mrs Louise McEwen and Mr Norman Chapman

Verger:  Vacant

Safeguarding Officer:  Vacant

Holy Trinity, Newtown

Church Wardens: Mr Francis Wells and Mr Barry Rowswell


Safeguarding Officer:  Vacant

Server: Dr Samantha Holden

Pastoral Team Assistants

Holy Trinity  PCC

Chair: Vicar

Mr Malcolm Padgett         Vice Chair and Deanery Pastoral Committee

Mr Barry Rowswell           Churchwarden

Mr Fra Wells                     Hon Treasurer and Churchwarden

Mrs Sue Wells                   Deanery Rep

Dr Richard Garland           Deanery Rep

Dr Sam Holden

Cdr Perry Abbott

Mr David Adlam

Mrs Sue Wells                    Secretary

St Peter’s PCC

Chair: Vicar

Mrs Louise McEwan           Churchwarden

Mr  Norman Chapman        Churchwarden and  Secretary/Vice-Chairman/ Licensed Lay Minister

Cdr Rob Scott                      Hon Treasurer

Mr  David Hughes                Deanery Synod Rep

Mrs Jane Salmom                Deanery Synod Rep

Mr Adrian Jones

Mrs Sandra Henderson

Mr Barry Henderson
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