Sunday 24th October

0800 Holy Communion – Hambledon led by Fr David

0930 Holy Communion – Newtown led by Fr David

1100 Morning Service – Soberton led by Norman Chapman

1100 Morning Service – Hambledon led by Betty Spillar

27th October – 12pm “Florence and the Mermaid’s Tears”. A musical with an ecological theme aimed at children. Please join us at Hambledon Church.

There will be no Wednesday 9:30am Holy Communion this week in Hambledon, so the musical can be set up. The time of reflection from 1815 for 45 minutes will take place as usual, all welcome for part or all of this time.

Sunday 31st October

1100 United Benefice Holy Communion –  Hambledon

1830 Evensong – Hambledon

Each Wednesday evening (but see above for 27th October) a time of reflection in Hambledon Church from 1815 for 45 minutes, all welcome for part or all of this time.

  • Soberton and Hambledon Churches are open every day during day light hours for private prayer.

The schedule for Benefice services until December is shown through a link on the ‘Home’ page.

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