St Peter’s Church

Our church is situated in lovely countryside in the valley of the River Meon, now in the Southdowns National Park. There has been a church on the site since at least the eleventh century, although little remains of the original: most of the present building was completed in the late thirteenth and early fourteenth centuries. The original tower from that time had to be rebuilt, the ‘new’ one being built around 1520, and now houses a fine peal of bells. It is a Grade I listed building with a lot of interesting features and history, and remains a place of active worship.

Family Area

St. Peter’s welcomes families and has a well-equipped family area enabling families to join together in the services in the church.

A wedding at St Peter’s

Again and again couples tell us what a marvellous day their wedding day was, and that it all started in church. A church wedding may well be considerably cheaper than in a Registry Office or other venue, because most of the costs are controlled by law. St Peter’s has a choir an organist and bell-ringers who are available for weddings on request and we will also help you with flowers of your choice.

Why do couples choose to marry in church?

1. They say it makes their vows and their wedding special.

2. They are declaring their love to each other in a beautiful ancient building and before God.

3. Couples meet with me to plan the occasion in detail and they find the whole experience very personal to them.

How do you get married in St Peter’s Church?

If you live in Soberton, or if you have links with the village, you may well be entitled to be married here at St Peter’s. Even if you don’t have links with us, it is still well worth enquiring because it may still be possible for you to be married here. Dates are not restricted to just a Saturday, other days are possible as well!

For enquiries regarding available wedding dates and general information, please contact Norman Chapman on 01489 877378 or at 

Friends of St Peter’s

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St Peter’s Graveyard

Details of those interred in the graveyard, the inscriptions on their headstones and the diagrams of the graves themselves can be found at:

St Peter’s Annual Report 2018

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